Project Details

Neelkanth Woods is a luxury residential property located at Manpada, Thane. The property is nestled in Yeoor Hills one of the best locations in Thane District. The property currently comprises of several residential villas, and three multi story residential towers are currently being built in addition to the houses. Facilities include, jogging tracks, a fully functional five star club house – with a fitness center, a squash court, an indoor basketball court, badminton courts and a large swimming pool.

Services at Neelkanth Woods

SILA took over the property management at Neelkanth Woods in August 2012. Our team at Neelkanth Woods manages soft services, security, and engineering services. Our scope includes the upkeep of all public areas of the property. We constantly interact with the villa owners to ensure that we are meeting their needs and expectations.

Value Created

Along with the help of the developer and the villa owners, SILA has been able to provide a noticeable change in the quality of housekeeping and facility management services on site. SILA spent the first 3 months, effectively ‘cleaning up’ the property to bring it up to potential. SILA’s team and project vendors worked on the pool, electrical and mechanical faults, the landscaping and plants, public roads, and overall housekeeping at the premises. A helpdesk system and security monitoring system has been put into place at the site in order to set up a more efficient property management operation.