About Facility Management

Facility Management is a fully integrated field devoted to the maintenance and upkeep of real estate assets. At SILA, we manage over 22 million square feet of space. Our projects include commercial offices & parks, industrial parks, shopping malls, high-end residential parks, an airport (Mumbai), & entertainment theme parks.

Facility Management is all about people, technology & processes. Our focus on training, standardization, and human resource management has allowed us to build best in class processes and systems to better optimize our service delivery.

SILA Connect

In order to integrate the use of technology to improve on our service delivery, we have invested in a tailor-made Facility Management software called SILA Connect. SILA Connect is software that allows our operating teams and clients to optimize and monitor service delivery on-the-cloud.

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Soft Services

Housekeeping & facade cleaning, pantry management, horticulture & pest control


Reliable & professional service with trained personnel covering parking, visitor & vehicle management, fire & safety, health & rescue

Helpdesk & Building Management System

Manage first point of contact for your employees and/or customers to handle technical issues, medical assistance, and escalate


Operate and handle all PoS and billing functions with inventory check


Efficiency reviews, system audits, FM consulting, FM compliance and reporting

Engineering (MEP)

Mechanical, electrical & technical maintenance and operational efficiencies