We launched Baby Cleanups around a year back. They are designed to suit young parents and their newborn kiddos as they step (or are carried/cradled) into their first room. Keeping in mind the level of hygiene that needs to be maintained for a newborn to thrive in, we take extra care that the cleanup is just the way you want it and more.

What does a Baby Cleanup include?

  • A cleanup is a thorough cleaning session of the discussed property.
  • It might be a focused cleanup for just one room (windows, lofts, washrooms inclusive)
  • Or a complete home cleanup, if so desired.
  • Top-bottom, Inside-out (case specific). All corners, crevices & surfaces.
  • Newer & first-use equipment (case specific)
  • Focus on removing all possible sources of particulate pollutants.
  • Focus on using eco friendly, biodegradable cleaning agents, if at all.
  • Upholstery Cleaning & Sanitization sessions can be included.

Is a Baby Cleanup useful?

  • One person adds 37 million (37,000,000) bacteria to a room.
  • More than 90% of house dust comes from people and fabric (not outside).
  • A baby’s immune system is not developed till they are about 6 months old.
  • Household methods & tools are not effective enough and leave behind particulates.
  • A professional Hammer and Mop Baby Cleanup will tackle all the above issues.

Prevention is always better than cure. A deep cleanup of the room/residence will significantly help reduce the amount of dust & particulate pollutants in the air. A cleaner home will also keep away pests. Performing a Baby Cleanup is one of the simplest ways of ensuring cleaner surroundings.

When to schedule a Baby Cleanup?

While the cleanup ought to be performed just before the newborn comes home, it is recommended that you schedule it a couple of weeks in advance. We understand that there cannot be a confirmed date, but it would really (really) help if we have a couple of tentative dates planned for you well in advance, instead of an eleventh hour rush where we wouldn’t be able to offer you a cleanup.

How to schedule a Baby Cleanup?

Drop us an email on customercare@mrhomecare.in and we’ll get back to you within hours.

Thanks! :)