Project Details

The Ruby is a premium 1.3 million sqft commercial building located in Dadar, Mumbai. The Ruby has state of the art equipment to support all functions at the property. The tower currently has the tallest glass façade in the city of  Mumbai, and also houses the Indian headquarters of as Ernst and Young who occupy about 25% of the multi tenanted building.

Services at The Ruby Tower

SILA was awarded the Facility and Transition management contract for the Ruby in 2010. The contract was awarded to SILA in partnership with Jason O’Connor of O’Connor & Associates. SILA’s offerings at the site comprises of technical services, soft services such as concierge, housekeeping, landscaping and help desk services.

Value Created

SILA has continuously created value for the client by ensuring high quality facility management services even though the site has been in project stage since SILA took over.

SILA has been able to reduce the facility management costs with time by using efficient systems and technology to service the facility, reducing the reliance on manpower as much as possible. The technical team has taken several energy saving initiatives, allowing them to optimize energy consumption to the best of their ability.