The communication and operations gaps in a people intensive business are understood by industry veterans. Before technology was as cheap and easy to implement as it is now, certain mishaps were taken to be a part of the business and the margin was calculated keeping these gaps in mind. We live in fortunate times, and organizations have the opportunity of boosting their efficiency in ways never before imagined. As discussed in this post, technology has the potential to play an important role in the facility management business.

Helping People Win

Building a successful workplace involves ensuring that the employees are taken care of, and have been offered a work profile that they care about. Based on the Maslow’s Heirarchy of Needs, employees can be approached and a conversation can be sought on their individual growth paths. Concerns can be addressed and morale can be boosted. This exercise is easily doable in an office environment. This exercise gets difficult to implement on an isolated facility management site, where regular communication cannot be sought.

On SILA Connect, our in house technology platform, we have identified fixed parameters which impact the performance of a ‘frontliner’ (the term preferred over ‘janitor’) – decided in consultation with our customers, the immediate supervisors and the middle management.

This ‘performance rating process’ is a significant innovation brought forth by SILA, which has allowed every single front line employee to step into the spotlight, and be noticed.

Identifying Potential, Rewarding Performance

All occurrences on remote sites have been traditionally treated as local issues, and the front line employees used to remain a crowd. It has been difficult to reach out to the very base, through the middle levels, and capture honest feedback. Thanks to revolutionary strides by technology in the facility management sector, this issue is non existent now.

In addition to mapping performance on a monthly basis, we have triggers to identify potential built into the process. This allows us clarity on whom to promote, and offers an updated list of high performing candidates at a pan India level. As we surge ahead, we are ensuring that we do so as a team.