The journey of Sahil Vora and Rushabh Vora through building and growing SILA has been equally fascinating as it has been inspiring. Having young bankers open up a facility management shop is quite unusual, though you have had engineers venturing into home services. Real estate services is an operations heavy business, and a demanding sector. We were kicked to have NextBigWhat feature us.

Facility Management as a Business

As the self explanatory name, it refers to the process to taking care of a property in its entirety. Right from housekeeping, cleaning and soft services to engineering & security. Prompt and effective service leads to a satisfied customer, which is a rewarding experience. The downside is the sheer dependency on people, as opposed to the prevalent system – which does not make it a favorite business to run.

Mindset of a Founder

Requirement of a thick skin, is an understatement. A business requires you to stay grounded, stay humble and stay hands on. Constant learning through mistakes is a necessary skill set, since business environment has the potential to change with little notice. Understanding when to lead from the front and when to step back helps founders stay calm in face of setbacks. An entrepreneur understands the need to build a team of complementary skill sets in form a solid team, which cares about the organization as much as the founders do. If this fails to happen, it does not take time for an organization to crumble.

As NextBigWhat Mentions

We have robust internal channels of communication to have regular interactions with all business units. The manner in which we speak to the outside world has evolved now, and it is always a great honor to have a popular publication feature you. Sahil Vora and Rushabh Vora are surprisingly shy of the limelight and you cannot blame them – it is their insane focus and drive that has made SILA happen. The interview highlights our core philosophy – from mistakes to life lessons.

Patronage and the Journey

We have been blessed with the love of our patrons, and we hold hands of giants on this path. From the promoters of Rohan Lifescapes to the Piramal Family Office – we learn our business from the best in the sector. From functioning a a startup setup to evolving into a professionally run group of companies – it has been a fresh change in a matter of six years. Happy with a solid platform that has been built, we look forward to the future with distinct vigor.