Mumbai International Airport, Mumbai (GVK)

About This Project

Project Details

The year 2006 witnessed a momentous change for the airports in India with the privatization of Mumbai’s GVK Chhatrapati Shivaji International Airport (GVK CSIA). In order to achieve a global standard, GVK CSIA has partnered with well-known international experts for airport design and operations. Terminal 2, referred to as T2, will be state-of-art 4 level integrated terminal and it will be unique as our land, our heritage. The distinctly proud Indian design of this new terminal will set new international standards, across every aspect such as architecture, planning, technology, functionality and service.


Services at GVK

SILA has been given the opportunity to work on a unique and prestigious project at the Terminal 2 of International Airport starting 25th November, 2013. SILA is currently providing the cleaning and maintenance services on a 3-Km long wall, called ‘Jaya He’, which displays different kinds of artwork such as ancient sculptures, statues, huge wind chimes, maps made of e-waste and glass, wood & stone artifacts. SILA has deployed a team of housekeeping janitors overlooked by  Observers (Supervisors) & Project Head.


Value Created

SILA has specially partnered with German based company, the most popular cleaning material supplier, to preserve the artworks displayed in an open environment such as International Airport. SILA has made sure that the team deployed has knowledge and experience of Museology & Conservation of Art. SILA has been working in sync with conservationist and various artists, whose art is displayed at the International Airport, to prepare a SOPs for cleaning and maintaining of artwork.

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