About This Project

Project Details

SMAAASH is a new sports-centric immersive and interactive entertainment hub in the heart of the City and spread over 40000 square feet, offering a mix of active and passive entertainment, innovative games, interactive sports and socializing and eating areas. SMAAASH has 8 cricket nets spread over 2 floors, an F1 simulator and a soccer stadium to showcase the football skills, an outlet for bowling, communicating and having parties held as well.

Services at SMAAASH

SILA started servicing SMAAASH at Kamala Mills in April 1, 2013 with a team of 22 janitors headed by 2 supervisors and a team leader. SILA replaced a leading global service provider at the site. SILA currently provides facility management services at SMAAASH, with a focus on soft services.

Value Created

SILA has added value by providing well groomed & comprehensively trained janitors along with experienced supervisors & team leader. Our team has been able to manage the site efficiently without any setbacks since we took over.

Facility Management, Facility Management