Facility Management is a professional management discipline, that focuses on effective and efficient delivery to the organization that it serves. At SILA, we focus on managing strategy and stakeholders is our main priority. Once those two factors set a solid bandwidth, everything else like concentrating on budget and scheduling fall at one place.

Project Details

Autobahn Enterprises Pvt. Ltd. is one of the oldest network partners of the Volkswagen Group (Skoda and Volkswagen) in India. Autobahn has exclusive showrooms & service stations across Mumbai. As an authorized dealer for SKODA Auto, Volkswagen and Nissan India today, Autobahn ranks high amongst the dealers for customer satisfaction.

Services at Autobahn

SILA started servicing Autobahn in 2011, beginning with a new Skoda’s service center in Kurla, Mumbai. The team ensured high quality service delivery at Autobahn’s Skoda service center and was awarded service contracts at all of Autobahn’s showrooms and service centers. Today SILA services 8 showrooms for Skoda, Volkswagen, and Nissan along with 4 car service centers located across Mumbai. SILA deployed very professional & well trained team of 2 Supervisors, 33 janitors and 9 pantry boys among the Autobahn’s locations.

Value Created

SILA has been able to create value at Autobahn even though it manages sites in various locations across the city. SILA introduced new cleaning processes and systems, which ensured that the housekeeping operations at Autobahns showrooms and workshops efficient and cost effective.