Project Details

When Tara Jewels Ltd. contacted SILA, they were in the middle of planning an IPO. To give investors confidence in their plans, it was necessary for them to complete the rollout of their 35 stores across the nation within a short period of 4 months. These stores were located across Metro, Tier 1 and Tier 2 cities. They required us to oversee and manage the schedule and quality, as well as to certify contractor’s progress payments.

Challenges Faced

We took on this challenge with the aim of delivering a perfect job despite the limited timespan. In order to achieve this target, thorough schedule, logistics, procurement and execution planning became mandatory. We had to manage multiple independent contractors, consultants and design teams that received the fit-out package alongside co-ordinating with the client’s marketing, operations and IT teams.

With such a diverse team, finding solutions that worked for everyone was a key challenge, careful and meticulous planning was critical to be able to overcome this. It was important to have the right management systems in place to ensure that critical path processes were completed on schedule.

The company’s compliance requirements also included a detailed cost audit, which we provided by meticulously analysing all the teams that were under our oversight.

Value Created

During the execution of the project, we dealt with issues like design plans becoming unachievable owing to an improper site selection, local regulatory issues. We worked through these issues as we went forward by further tightening our management systems. The end result of our efforts was a project matching the high quality standards of our client, delivered on schedule.